Weareprojectors aims to convey the pleasure of photoprojection to picture lovers. This practice consists in combining a projected picture onto a support to allow the expression of an idea, a message, a representation. Weareprojectors highlights a certain practice and a certain culture at the crossroads of photography, street art and hacking. Photography, because with the projection, we are writing with light; street art because it is a free mode of action in public space and hacking because it is included in the culture of DIY.


Photoprojection in public space is a mean of expression that considers the world around us as a potential screen. Unlike videoprojection, the art of spotlighting moving pictures in a fixed location, photoprojection allows the free search of the perfect screen for a specific image. Basically, the process reverses the practice of photography and all its related questions.
The projector is a photograph enlarger outside the laboratory, in search of a screen body to re-materialize the image. The projectionist goes back to the foundations of photography, a media to render something present to our eyes. The projectionist’s approach is to meet all possible fields of expressions : artistic, political, individual and collective .


Just like any practice, photoprotection requires a tool. These are some tools that can be used for this purpose : video projector, movie projector, slide projector, follow spot …

Weareprojectors wishes to facilitate this practice through a small, powerful, portable and mobile device of photographic quality. The latter is a hand analog projector on which one can mount any 35mm lens. Visio is manufactured from a kit of various accessories such as : a bicycle lamp, a battery, photographic accessories, ring filters, close-up lens…all of which are simply screwed together. One of the pieces has to be created made-to-measure : the slide holder ring receiving the image.
Visio manufacturing plan is available under creative commons license and the acquisition of the necessary parts is facilitated via crowdfunding on Kickstarter.com. We would like to clarify that the purpose of the project is not merchandising. It is primarily to make the practice possible. In light of this, the Lab section of this website presents many ways and techniques to produce analog images, from free writing on transparent film to digital image transfer onto slides. Finally, to increase your knowledge, Weareprojectors also proposes an optical course on projection to further understand this phenomenon and gain a better understanding of its use.


My name is Clement Briend. I am a trained photographer, interested in projection as an essential phenomenon in the perception and formation image . My work as a photographer has rested on projections made ​​from a camera-inverted projector. My photographer’s path to independence and my willingness to reincarnate image projection have turned me towards the manufacturing of several prototypes for autonomous mobile projectors. The reversal of the common photographic device has also led me to reexamine my position as a projectionist . Today, my wish is to open and broaden this practice, which leads, in my opinion, to a committed, conscious reflection and a collective action through image media in our world.


Be projected